Hello, first of all thank you for visiting KillerPets.com! The site is still fairly new and most of the information is under the collection section currently. All of the snakes on the collection page are owned by one of the two breeders (Bryan or Matt), and not even all are listed.

We are still working on completing the available page at the moment as well as writing our own caresheet to provide as much helpful information as we can to those looking to take on the responsibility of owning a ball python. In the mean time if you have any questions, or any problems with the site please use the contact us page or leave a comment below. As more updates are made to the site they will be posted here as well so don't forget to subscribe to the RSS feed!

And just to a side note, on the collection page check out the Toffee ball python, just added today right before going live this is a very rare morph that Bryan was very proud to add to his stable within the past few days!

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